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This sultry redhead used to boast of her high IQ on TV talk shows. Debuting in Summer Love (1957), she appeared in major productions such as Holiday for Lovers (1959), The Lost World (1960), The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (1961), Tender Is the Night (1962), and Come Blow Your Horn (1963) early in her career. St. John is usually remembered, though, in goofy comedies the likes of Who's Minding the Store?, Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? (both 1963), and Honeymoon Hotel (1964), as well as unintentional comedies like The Oscar (1966). Other credits include Banning and Eight on the Lam (both 1967). She fared best as a Bond girl-a spunky one, at that-in Diamonds Are Forever (1971). After making such TV movies as The Concrete Jungle in the early 1980s, St. John more or less abandoned the profession. Once married to singer Jack Jones and linked romantically with Henry Kissinger, St. John wed longtime friend Robert Wagner in 1990 and launched a new career as a TV chef, with cookbooks now bearing her byline.
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