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Jim Brown

Birth Date: February 17 1936
Birth Place: N/A

One of the greatest football players who ever lived (fullback with the Cleveland Browns for a decade, from 1957 to 1967), this good-looking athlete was drafted by Hollywood and lent his imposing presence to a number of high-profile movies in the 1960s, and starred in "blaxploitation" films in the 1970s. He also served as president of Richard Pryor's production company for a time. After a long absence from mainstream movies, he took a role in Arnold Schwarzenegger's The Running Man (1987) and then spoofed his own image in I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988). OTHER FILMS INCLUDE: 1964: Rio Conchos 1967: The Dirty Dozen 1968: Dark of the Sun, The Split, Ice Station Zebra 1970: EB>, El Condor, The Grasshopper 1972: Slaughter, Black Gunn 1973: Slaughter's Big Rip-off, I Escaped From Devil's Island, The Slams 1974: Three the Hard Way 1975: Take a Hard Ride 1978: Fingers.
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