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John Marshall Jones has compiled an impressive list of credits since coming to Hollywood from Chicago's Second City Theatre Ensemble. His feature film credits inculde a co-starring role in "Sgt. Bilko" opposite Steve Martin and roles in the films "She's So Lovely," "Con Air," "White Men Can't Jump," "The Doctor" and "Good Morning Vietnam." Jones has made his mark in television with roles of a number of shows, most notably as the loving father, Floyd Henderson, on the cable series "Smart Guy." His other television credits include a series regular role on "Joe's Life" and roles on "Providence," "The Parkers," "Soul Food," "The Division," "ER," "Home Improvement," "China Beach," "Roseanne," " Any Day Now," "Diagnosis Murder," "Melrose Place" and "A Differenct World." Jones studied theater and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Northwestern University. He was a regular on the vibrant Chicago theater scene before moving to Hollywood. Earlier this year, Jones was nominated for an NAACP Theater Award for Best Actor in the play "Menace to High Society," which he also wrote and directed. In addition to acting, Jones has written several screenplays, one of which was optioned by MGM. He also performs stand-up comedy at various comedy clubs around the country and is currently writing his new one man show, "Mama's Boy."
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