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Jon Hensley was born on August 26, 1965 in Browns Mills, New Jersey. As a small child, he and his family moved to nearby Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where his parents opened up a french restaurant. During his teen years, Hensley toiled at many jobs in the restaurant, from cook to busboy. Finally, after growing tired of the restaurant business, he left for New York University to study journalism. One night, while at a night club, he met a woman who told him he should try acting. Hensley thought it would be something he could do and enjoy. This woman, who would eventually become his manager, sent him out on an audition for "Another World." Although he didn't snag the part, Hensley did land the role of Brody Price on "One Life to Live" a few months later. After being let go by that soap, Hensley next landed the role that turned him into a soap superstar: Holden Snyder of "As the World Turns." From the onset, it seemed that all the writers were interested in was pairing his character with Martha Byrne's Lily. Hensley, wanting to do something different, left the show in 1988 for London, England, where he studied at the Shakespeare Academy of Music, Drama and Art. In 1990, Hensley contacted ATWT, expressing an interest in returning. With Martha Byrne now gone, it seemed like a perfect opportunity for Hensley to spread his wings. However, the show recast the character of Lily with Heather Rattray, and again Holden was paired with Lily. This version proved unpopular with fans, and by late 1992, the show broke the couple up after giving Holden amnesia. In 1993, Martha Byrne returned, and Hensley's character was being written as being obsessed with Lily. During this hiatus, he starred in "Wounded Heart," "Beverly Hills, 90210," and "Almost Perfect." But perhaps his most important role was yet to come: Husband. On May 25, 1996, he married former ATWT co-star Kelley Menighan in Chicago. Late that year, ATWT learned that Jon Hensley was in talks to sign with "All My Children" as Jake Martin. Knowing they had to move fast if they wanted him, ATWT offered Hensley his Holden Snyder role again. On December 4, 1996, Jon Hensley signed a 3-year deal with ATWT. Throughout this 3-year contract period, there were moments when the show wasn't focused on pairing him with Lily, but only for about three weeks. The rest of the time his character was paired with Lily. As Hensley's contract expired in late 1999, the buzz in the industry was that Hensley would leave again. Surprisingly, Hensley re-signed for three more years. Hensley had said upon re-signing that he was confident that Goutman would give his character a sense of direction.
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