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Birth Date: July 27 1977
Birth Place: N/A

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers was born in Dublin, Ireland. Rhys-Meyers grew up with a tumultuous childhood, spending some time in an orphanage and being permanently expelled from school at age 16. Happy to be out of school he began spending time in a local pool hall where he was discovered by Hubbard Casting. The casting agents were talent-spotting for the David Puttnam production of War of the Buttons, and asked Meyers to appear for an audition. After three days of auditions he did not get the role, and Meyers gave up on his acting aspirations. However, he soon received a call to audition for a national ad campaign for Knorr soup, and though embarrassed by the attention and ad, he soon found himself considered for a major film. His movie acting debut was a very small role in the film, A Man of No Importance, where his simple cast credit is as 'First Young Man'. He received his first lead role was in the film, The Disappearance of Finbar. During a 6 month postponement in filming he returned home to Cork and there received a call about the film Michael Collins. He traveled to Dublin to meet with director Neil Jordan and successfully won the role of Collins' assassin. Jordon wrote about his meeting with the actor, "I have found someone to play Collin's killer. Jonathan Rees-Myers (sic), from County Cork apparently, who looks like a young Tom Cruise. Comes into the casting session with alarming certainty. Obviously gifted." Rhys-Meyers continued working constantly from that point and appeared in such films as, The Maker, Telling Lies in America, and The Tribe. Going on to film, The Governess, B. Monkey, Titus and Ride with the Devil, he has received critical acclaim for several performances, most notably as Brian Slade in Velvet Goldmine, and as Steerpike in the British mini series Gormenghast.
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