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Birth Date: November 5 1968
Birth Place: N/A

Judy Reyes grew up in the Bronx and became interested in acting while attending Hunter College in Manhattan. In 1992, she landed her first major acting role in the independent feature film “Jack and His Friends” opposite Sam Rockwell, and went on to perform extensively in the theater. She is particularly proud of her work with the Labyrinth Theatre Company, a multi-cultural acting space in Manhattan where she is a founding member and has served as both actor and producer on numerous productions over the past 10 years. Reyes’ television credits include a recurring role as Tina on “Oz.” She has also appeared in “The Sopranos” and “100 Centre Street.” Her made for television movies including “John Sanford’s Mind Prey” and “The Prosecutors.” Her film credits include “Bringing Out the Dead” with Nicolas Cage, “Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God, Be Back at Five,” and “Washington Heights.” Additionally, Reyes acted in and co-produced (with her husband) “Taino,” a short film which was screened at the 2001 Los Angeles Latino Film Festival. This past summer Reyes starred in the LAByrinth Theater Production “Guinea Pig Solo,” at the Shiva Theater at the Public. She also began work on the independent film “Glow Ropes,” in which she not only stars in, but is also co-directing along with her husband, Edwin M. Figueroa and George Valencia
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