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Birth Date: June 27 1951
Birth Place: N/A

Julia Duffy began her professional career in her hometown of Minneapolis. Her first appearance was as an infant in 1951. After graduating from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, she won a loyal following as the character of Penny on the popular soap opera "The Doctors" for four years. She also honed her skills on stage in regional theater, appearing in such productions as "Three Sisters," "The Enchanted" at the Kennedy Center, and the acclaimed revival of "Once in a Lifetime" on Broadway. Julia is best known to television audiences as Stephanie, the self-infatuated preppy maid, whom she played for seven seasons on the hit comedy series "Newhart." Julia's knockout performance won her seven Emmy Award nominations, as well as three Viewers for Quality Television awards, Five American Comedy Award nominations, and a Golden Globe Award nomination. Following her role on "Newhart," Julia played cousin Allison Sugarbaker on "Designing Women" for a season, and then starred in the television comedy "Look Who's Talking," based on the hit feature film. she was also featured as next-door neighbor "perfect" Barb on the NBC series "The Mommies." Her other television credits include the miniseries "The Blue and the Gray" and the television features "Children in the Crossfire," "The Covergirl and the Cop," "Menu for Murder," and "Sooner or Later."
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