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Birth Date: January 4 1958
Birth Place: N/A

A British leading actor, tall and guant particuarly in horror and drama films, Julian Sands came to notice by NBC when the television company cast him in the television mini-series "The Sun also Rises" and then with Anthony Hopkins in the television film "A Married Man". Sands also got notice in his very small roles in "Privates on Parade" and "The Killing Field". It wasn't until his funny and romantic role opposite Denholm Elliott in "A Room with a View" and then his unusual role in "Gothic" when audiences noticed him and were fascinated with his good looks and unusual but sometimes chilling appearance. He continued work on screen in "Vibes", "Impromptu" and Steven Spielberg's "Arachnophia", until his most remembered role as the "Warlock" in 1991, directed by Steve Miner. The film was such a major success that he returned for the terrifying sequel, "Warlock II: The Armageddon". His other credits include "Naked Lunch", "Tale of a Vampire", "Black Water", HBO's original suspense film "Mercy" and playing the title role in Dario Argento's remake of "The Phantom of the Opera". Sands has more recently been in Stephen King's "Rose Red" and is also occasionally seen on the English stage.
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