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Birth Date: June 29 1964
Birth Place: N/A

Pitch Like A Girl, the debut release from Kathleen Wilhoite, is the culmination of a long journey as an artist. Growing up in Santa Barbara, California Kathleen began singing in her church choir in first grade. Two years later, while singing on stage with The Carpenters at the Santa Barbara County Bowl, she stopped the show so that she could pull up her knee socks and got a huge laugh from the sold out crowd. Kathleen claims "it was then I knew I had to be a performer." She began by writing songs that sounded like the ones she was supposed to be practicing to on the piano. She was in every school theater production, and when she wasn't writing or acting, she was listening to her brother's AC/DC and Eagles records, or her father's Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald albums. Kathleen eventually became the youngest member of the Santa Barbara Songwriters Guild. After high school, Kathleen had a choice to make: would she pursue drama or music? She enrolled in the USC Drama School, and two months later had landed her first movie role. As her acting career began to blossom, so did her enthusiasm as a songwriter. She made a few demos, and a short while later landed a deal with Mercury Records. Unfortunately, her record deal came right before a "house cleaning." Her A & R person was fired and Kathleen was dropped. Disappointed and a bit confused, she packed her bags and moved to Europe, then to Austin, Texas where she found herself surrounded by "crystal-meth addicts." Back on the road she went, this time ending up in Nashville where she was enveloped by ''junkies and boozers." Eventually she made her way back to Los Angeles and continued to play music. At some point after returning home, her agent started calling and she began working as an actress again, starring for two years on the hit television show E.R. and a recurring role on Mad About You, and landing prominent parts in movies like Lorenzo's Oil and Angel Heart. A promoter/booking agent named David Surnow, now one of the owners of Daves' Record Company, was introduced to Kathleen and began booking her shows around Los Angeles. "People would pack into any venue I would book to see her play... and not just friends, but fans. Most people in the club/music scene have friends, but not many have fans." During this period she experimented with different musical styles, and attracted David Harte, who joined her band as drummer. In January of 1997 David Surnow and David Harte formed The Daves' record label and immediately signed Kathleen. They helped her put together a band that includes Tony Gilkyson (X, Lone Justice), Chris Wagner (Mary's Danish, Thermadore), Chris Joyner (The Freewheelers) as well as others that helped out in the making of Pitch Like A Girl. The Daves also produced her record, making sure to stay true to Kathleen's vision of her songs. "We wanted to show the strengths that were already there in the songwriting and singing, and make a record that doesn't try to draw attention to the production," says Harte. Surnow says "women will love this record." The Iyrics of Pitch Like A Girl draw a picture of a girl who has lived through several lifetimes worth of experience and come out a secure woman.
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