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Kathryn is best known for her portrayal of Mrs. Landingham, secretary to the President (Martin Sheen), on the critically acclaimed NBC drama, The West Wing. She has also recurred on "Dharma and Greg", and guest-starred on many hit television series such as Becker, Arli$$, Ally Mcbeal, Providence, Scrubs and over twenty other prime time shows. Kathryn will also be seen later this year on ABC's Daytime Drama, "General Hospital". Kathryn took classes at Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago and performed at community theaters all over Northern Illinois. In December 1995, Kathryn arrived inHollywood.In only Five months she landed her first part...two lines in "Family Matters". In the six years since then, she has appeared in over a dozen plays, six movies, eleven national television commercials, two pilots, ten drama series and over twenty sitcoms. From her many roles Kathryn is recognized as one of Murphy Brown's secretaries, Frazier's agent's mother and the bingo buddy to Drew Carey's girlfriend. But it is her portrayal of Mrs. Landingham, the foil, friend and secretary to Martin Sheen's President Bartlet on The West Wing that has propelled her into the spotlight she truly deserves.
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