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Birth Date: February 11 1972
Birth Place: N/A

Kelly Slater first jumped on a surfboard when he was a kid near his home in Cocoa Beach, Florida. His dad owned a bait and tackle store near the ocean, so Kelly would be at the beach almost every day. He would grab his board and go searching for big waves almost every day after school - and sometimes even before school. His dedication paid off and by the time he was a teenager, Kelly Slater had a reputation as one of the best surfers around. He was appearing in surf magazines and even had an agent. Kelly won his first world title in 1992, at the age of 20 - making him the youngest world champion ever. He would go on to win a record six world titles which cemented Kelly Slater Picture his rep as the world's greatest surfer. Kelly Slater took the sport to a new level by trying "skate style" tricks and going for big air off waves - rather than the long elegant carves, which was the style of most old-skool surfers. He played a surfer on the television series Baywatch during the early '90s and formed a band called The Surfers which released an album of surf music, Songs From the Pipe, in 2000.
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