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A versatile veteran of film, television and theater, Ken Jenkins began his acting career performing in high school theater productions in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio. Jenkins went on to study acting at Antioch College while continuing to perform on Broadway and in regional companies throughout his college years. In 1969 he co-founded and served for three years as Associate Artistic Director for the prestigious Actor's Theatre of Louisville. Ken continued to work with the theater as an actor, director and writer through 1983. Over his 30 years in the theater, Ken has been associated with an average of 10 plays a year as an actor, director or playwright. He has portrayed Hamlet and Cyrano and performed in other classics by Shakespeare, Ibsen, Shaw and Molière. One of his favorite roles, however, was "The Duke," which he played opposite his son, 'Daniel Jenkins' , in the 1985 Broadway musical, "Big River." In 1987 Ken appeared in John Sayles' critically acclaimed feature film, Matewan which opened the actor to the joys of acting for the camera. Most recently seen in _The Sum of All Fears (2002)_ with 'Morgan Freeman' and I Am Sam with Sean Penn, his other feature-film credits include Courage Under Fire, _The Abyss (1989)_ , Air America and Last Man Standing. Ken's television credits include a co-starring role for two seasons on _"Homefront"_ two seasons recurring on _"Wiseguy"(1987)_ and guest-starring roles on _"The X-Files"(1993)_ , _"Family Law"(1999)_ and _"Chicago Hope"(1994)_ . He has also starred in the television movies _Thirst(1998)_ , _Hiroshima (1995)_ and _And the Band Played On (1993).
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