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Birth Date: August 17 1972
Birth Place: N/A

Standing at 6'4", weighing over 240 pounds and boasting an eleven inch long penis, Ken Ryker is a giant of a man in more ways than one. Born to American parents in Chonju, Korea in 1972, he later moved back with his family to the States in the mid 1980s. At home in Texas he began beefing up his body at school by regularly working-out in the gym and playing in the football and basketball teams. A nasty car crash scuppered a career in the marines so in his early twenties Ryker moved, with his girlfriend, to the San Fernando Valley in California, seeking fame and fortune. Once settled there he acquired an agent to represent him professionally and he soon began stripping in clubs and modelling for porn magazines. His agent eventually persuaded him to make better use of his physical attributes by appearing in adult videos. His first film was 1994's 'New Pledgemaster', in which he played a college jock. Despite claiming to be 'straight', Ryker has become one of the biggest stars of gay porno. In 1995 he won 'Best Newcomer' at the Adult Video News Awards, and his 1996 film 'The Other Side Of Aspen IV' has become one of the most rented gay videos of all time. In recent years Ryker has branched out into bisexual movies too, with great success.
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