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Birth Date: March 26 1968
Birth Place: N/A

Kenny Chesney was born March 26, 1968, in Knoxville, TN; however he was raised in Luttrell. Kenny graduated from college at East Tennessee State in Johnson City. He became well known as various venues such as Chuckie's Trading Post and Quarterback's Barbecue. "The scene up there then was mostly blues, rock and folk," he recalls. "I was about the only one doing George Jones and Hank Jr. I got to where I had a pretty good following." Kenny Chesney did not really see his full potential until he actually gathered a band together and recorded an album of sings he actually had written. He then made about a thousand copies and sold them all at his shows. Then in 1991, Kenny Chesney headed to Nashville. It wasn't easy at first because none of the publishing companies showed any strong interest. Finally in 1992, someone at BMI set him up with an audition with the Opryland Music Group. Fortunately for Chesney, he came out with a songwriter's contract. Then in just a year or so after an appearance at a songwriter's showcase, Kenny signed with Capricorn Records. Kenny did not achieve massive success by any means but one song he recorded at the now defunct Capricorn Records entitled "The Tin Man" made him known to more than just a few people. It only made it up to seventy on the country singles chart but it was a start.
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