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Birth Date: September 24 1958
Birth Place: N/A

The star of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, born September 24, 1958, was the fourth of five children raised in a strict Lutheran household in the Minneapolis suburb of Mound. Sorbo first knew he wanted to be an actor after he attended a high school production of Oklahoma! when he was eleven years old. Sorbo attended the University of Minnesota on a marketing-advertising track, dropping out one semester short of obtaining his degree to move his dream of becoming an actor. Sorbo joined a Dallas-based theatre group, and landed his first acting job at the age of twenty-one: a two-line, walk-on part in an episode of Dallas. He followed a girlfriend to Europe, where he managed to find modeling work for print ads. In time, his resume expanded to include jobs as pitchman in over 150 American and European commercials for such brands as Budweiser, BMW, Diet Coke, and Lexus. He moved to LA in 1986 and filmed a handful of dead-end TV pilots and bombed out on auditions for several sitcoms. When all hope of ever breaking out of commercial hell seemed spent, Sorbo was passed a script for a Universal Television TV movie based on the Hercules myth. Hercules and the Amazon Women was a monster hit, as were the rest of the two-hour, Sorbo-led movies that followed . Based on their runaway success, Universal commissioned thirteen hour-long episodes for a series, and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys took the syndicated television market by storm following its debut in 1995. Filmed in the lush Auckland, New Zealand, the show integrated mythological story lines with the contemporary . The high-camp show, and its not-so-little little-sister spin-off, Xena, muscled their way past reigning champ Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to become king and queen of syndicated drama. After declining ratings Hercules exited the airwaves in 2000. He spends what little leisure time he has away from the set playing guitar, and spending time with wife Sam Jenkins, whom he met filming Hercules. Sorbo's hard at work on his next series, Andromeda, in which he plays Dylan Hunt, the captain of a military vessel that travels around the cosmos righting wrongs.
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