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Birth Date: August 4 1952
Birth Place: N/A

Kristoffer Tabori was born in Malibu, California and appeared in one of his mother's films Weddings and Babies as a youngster. His parents divorced when he was barely a year old and his mother subsequently married Hungarian writer/director George Tabori. He started making the theater rounds in the late 60s, and took his first official stage bow with "The Merchant of Venice" at the Berkshire Theatre Festival in 1966. He debuted on Broadway with "The Guns of Carrar" two years later. Other plays followed ("Habeas Corpus," "Hamlet," "Dreams of a Blacklisted Actor") and in 1970 he won the Theatre World Award for "How Much How Much." Kristoffer became a product of his generation playing lean hippie and liberal thinker types. In movie bits as a late teen, one of those was an unbilled appearance in his father's cop action drama Coogan's Bluff, one of several that had Siegel directing Clint Eastwood. Tabori's stage success led to progressive strides in 70s film. He earned strong reviews for his first lead in _Makin' It (1971)_ as a sex-obsessed 17-year-old who suffers a heavy, traumatic experience with his mother, played by Joyce Van Patten. Such films as Pigeons and Journey Through Rosebud did not pave the way to stardom, however, and he started impressing on TV instead with quality mini-movies including "The Glass House (1972), "QBVII" (1974), "The Lady's Not for Burning" (1974) and "A Memory of Two Mondays (1974). He turned more and more to the stage in the mid-70s and joined the Arena Stage theater company in Washington, D.C. from 1976-1978, and California's South Coast Repertory and National Shakespeare Festival the following decade. He married British actress Judy Geeson in 1984 and they appeared notably on stage together in "The Common Pursuit" before divorcing a few years later. Tabori focused on directing in the 90s, predominantly on TV, helming episodes for such series as "Picket Fences," "Chicago Hope," "Providence" and "Judging Amy."
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