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Laird Macintosh was born in Evanston, Illinois. He studied the film industry's many facets by hands on training becoming a Production Assistant at the age of 16. To date he is technically credited as a Boom Operator, Property Master, Make-up Effects Lab Technician and Warriors Inc. Cadre. Laird has also worked in Japan as a professional Magician and model. Returning home to the States, he utilized his knowledge of the outdoors to become a professional Wilderness Guide and kayaker and spends much of his spare time outdoors training. Laird finally moved in front of the camera becoming a professional actor for the past 15 years having studied under Susan Peretz of the Actors Studio. He is also involved with The Groundlings Improvisation School at the advanced level. Some of his credits include, Alexander, Ghost Soldiers, Rules Of Engagement, Nurse Betty, Saving Private Ryan and several television roles including HBO's Band Of Brothers and The Port Chicago Mutiny. A self taught world history student, Laird combines his actors training with in-depth research producing a realistic image and leadership role in the Warriors Inc. Cadre. With Captain Dale Dye's extensive field training, weapons handling and military guidance, he has graduated from an extra in Starship Troopers to SSGT Mac, or better known as, "Guide."
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