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Birth Date: February 10 1967
Birth Place: N/A

This willowy blonde has managed thus far to avoid typecasting in wide-eyed, virginal ingenue parts, although she's clearly suited to such roles and has played them skillfully in the past. The daughter of actor Bruce Dern and actress Diane Ladd, she appeared with mom in White Lightning (1973) and Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974) before making her official screen debut in Adrian Lyne's Foxes (1980). Her turn as a blind camper who befriends freakish Eric Stoltz in Mask (1985) was all innocence and vulnerability, and her leading performance as a confused, coltish girl at the point of womanhood in Smooth Talk (1985) demonstrated her versatility. As if to emphasize the point, Dern appeared as a girl-next-door type in David Lynch's Blue Velvet (1986), and played an extremely uninhibited white-trash character in the same director's Wild at Heart (1990). She portrayed Claire Clairmont in Haunted Summer (1988), and costarred in Fat Man and Little Boy (1989). In 1991 Dern enchanted audiences with her most mature, accomplished performance to date, playing a love-starved, promiscuous but gentle orphan in Rambling Rose (1991). By this time, her mom was supporting her on screen; they became the first mother and daughter to earn simultaneous Oscar nominations. Dern was excellent in the 1992 cable-TV movie Afterburn She then costarred in two high-profile 1993 films: Jurassic Park and A Perfect World
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