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Birth Date: February 20 1978
Birth Place: N/A

Lauren has only recently busted out onto the Hollywood scene, having made her debut opposite Kevin Kline in the 1997 blockbuster In & Out. The role didnít exactly go unnoticed, seeing as Lauren has gone on to perform in Canít Hardly Wait, Switch, one of my personal favorites, Psycho Beach Party, Swimming, and a role on the hit HBO series Six Feet Under. Although she is a talented actress, as well as a stunning young lady, she tends to be cast as the awkward red-haired friend instead of in the leading lady roles that she should be garnering. Laurenís career is taking off a little too fast, if you were to ask me, though; she wasnít nude in her early work because she was way too young, and she is too big of a star to warrant any nudity, now. So sad.
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