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Best known for her role as Roxy, Sharon Stone's lesbian lover in Paul Verhoven's hit psychological thriller, Basic Instinct, Leilani Sarelle (aka Leilani Ferrer) has weaved her way through many enticing relationships on-screen. In Barbarians at the Gate, Sarelle had it made working opposite James Garner and Joanna Cassidy. She has played an undercover government agent in the mystery-thriller, Breach of Trust, opposite the always wonderful Michael Biehn, and a prosecuting attorney in Sketch Artist II: Hands That See. Leilani has also played slick vixens like Suette in Shag: The Movie opposite Annabeth Gish and Bridget Fonda. Other works starring Leilani include: Neon Maniacs; Little Sister; The Harvest; Days of Thunder; and guest-starring roles on ABC's The Young Riders and HBO's Dream On.
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