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Birth Date: January 20 1958
Birth Place: N/A

Lorenzo Lamas was raised in Pacific Palisades. In 1968, his family moved to New York. Lamas attended private school, graduating from Admiral Farragut Academy in 1975. He then moved back to California. With encouragement from his father, 'Fernando Lamas' (qv), he enrolled in 'Tony Barr' (qv)'s Film Actors Workshop and began his career with a small role in the television show in 1976. He also began to study martial arts in 1979 (karate and taekwondo). His first marriage with Victoria ended in 1983. 'Abby Dalton' (qv), his colleague from the TV show _"Falcon Crest" (1981)_ (qv), introduced him to her 17-year-old daughter 'Kathleen Kinmont' (qv) whom he married 25 January 1985 in Las Vegas, after very short marriage with the press spokesperson of Falcon Crest, Michele Smith (26 years at that time). Lorenzo and Michele have one son. Also, another starlet from Falcon Crest, 'Daphne Ashbrook' (qv), accused Lorenzo of fathering her child. Despite that the marriage with Kathleen ended with divorce they continued together in the TV series _"Renegade" (1992)_ (qv) but in the middle of the fourth season Kathleen was cut out because of Lorenzo's interest in Shauna Sand. Lorenzo Lamas collects Harley bikes and takes part in charity rides for transplant fund.
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