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Birth Date: April 6 1973
Birth Place: N/A

The confidence and fresh energy of Lori Heuring shines through both on and off-screen. This Texan spit-fire studied rigorously in college, resulting in a Finance degree. She then changed her focus and made her way out to Los Angeles, setting her sights on an acting career. With an ever-growing resume, that career is no longer a dream. Lori was recently seen in 20th Century Fox's hit thriller, Runaway Jury, alongside Gene Hackman and John Cusack. She currently has three films awaiting release: Columbia Pictures The Cup, and the independent films Gas Station Jesus and Mummy An' the Armadillo, in which she co-stars with Brad Renfro. Lori is currently shooting The Velvet Side of Hell in Budapest, Hungary with Johnathon Schaech. The film is a Sony production, directed by J.S. Cardone. Heuring recently finished working with Kathleen Quinlan in Lifetime's Perfect Romance. She was also seen in the CBS telepic The Locket alongside Vanessa Redgrave. Heuring's other film credits include Taboo, in which she co-stars with Nick Stahl and was seen at the Sundance Film Festival and True Blue in which she co-starred with Tom Berenger. In addition, Heuring appeared in the indy feature Nailed with Harvey Keitel, Just Sue Me, The Operator, Snaketails, and The Newton Boys. In addition to appearing in David Lynch's Mulhulland Drive with Naomi Watts and Justin Theroux, she is most noticeably recognized for her role in the Warner Bros. psychological thriller, The In Crowd, directed by Mary Lambert (Morgan Creek/Warner Bros.). Lori's list of television credits is extensive, including a series regular role on ABC's "The Player," opposite Patrick Dempsey, Viggo Mortensen and Jennifer Garner. She also landed recurring roles in television pilots such as Charles Haid's "Sherman Oaks," for CBS, opposite Esai Morales, Jonathan Silverman and Kelly Rutherford and "LA Confidential," with Kiefer Sutherland. Episodic appearances include guest star roles on WB's "Seventh Heaven," CBS' "Early Edition," UPN's "Legacy," and ABC's "Ellen," and a recurring role on ABC's "Alias." Lori Heuring was born in Panama, but relocated to Austin, Texas. With the support of her family, she began spending summers studying with an acting coach in Los Angeles and returning to school in the fall. After co-starring in her first movie, Animal Room, with Matthew Lillard and Amanda Peet, Heuring graduated from the University of Texas with an Honor's Business degree, and moved to Los Angeles to further her career as an actress.
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