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Birth Date: November 30 1952
Birth Place: N/A

Mandy Patinkin was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The Juilliard-trained Patinkin electrified audiences as Che Guevara in the Broadway musical "Evita," for which he won a Tony Award, and made his film debut in The Big Fix (1978). He's had a few juicy parts, among them ones in Ragtime (1981), as the silhouette artist who becomes a pioneering moviemaker, Yentl (1983), as Barbra Streisand's lusty friend, a rabbinical student, The Princess Bride (1987), as a swashbuckling hero of the old school, Alien Nation (1988), unrecognizable under elaborate makeup as a sympathetic alien cop partnered with James Caan, The House on Carroll Street (1988), as a venal Sen. Joseph McCarthy type, and The Music of Chance (1993), as the existential hero of this low-key parable, a man who throws in his lot with smarmy James Spader. Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy (1990) is the only film to date to take advantage of Patinkin's musical talent, allowing him to sing some of Stephen Sondheim's songs as Madonna's accompanist, 88 Keys. Patinkin has carved a concert career for himself, with a one-man show, "Dress Casual," and remains a headliner on stage when not starring in his latest TV hit "Criminal Minds".
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