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Birth Date: November 16 1958
Birth Place: N/A

Marg Helgenberger grew up near Omaha, Nebraska, and studied speech and drama at Northwestern University. Following graduation, she moved to New York, where she made her mark as the feisty rookie cop on the popular ABC daytime serial Ryan's Hope. While in New York, she also worked with TADA, the Children's Theatre Company. Moving to Los Angeles, she continued an active career in television, starring in several cable movies and guest-starred in such series as thirtysomething, Matlock and HBO's Tales from the Crypt. In 1988, she joined the cast of the Vietnam drama, China Beach, winning a supporting actress Emmy in 1990 (and two additional nominations) for her breakout role as the hard-bitten hooker K. C. Marg played George Clooney's formidable love interest in four episodes of NBC's Emmy-winning series, ER; starred in the miniseries The Tommyknockers from Stephen King's novel; and appeared in Showtime's Fallen Angels (in the episode marking Tom Hanks' directorial debut) and the Oscar-nominated short film Partners, directed by Peter Weller. She also starred in the NBC telefilm Murder Live and Showtime's The Gold Coast.
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