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Margaux Hemingway

Birth Date: February 16 1955
Birth Place: N/A

Born in Portland, Oregon, she grew up in on a farm in Ketchum, Idaho. But dad was Jack Hemingway, son of the Nobel prize winning author 'Ernest Hemingway' (qv), and with that heritage fame was almost foreordained. By the time she was 21, after the lead in the rape melodrama _Lipstick (1976)_ (qv), she had a budding movie career, a $1 million promotional contract with Faberge perfume, and her face on magazine covers around the world. But within the decade it was all lost. Her sister 'Mariel Hemingway' (qv), whose role in _Lipstick (1976)_ (qv) had been suggested by Margaux, was a much greater success; she had started drinking heavily; two marriages had failed. In 1988 she checked herself into the Betty Ford Center for rehabilitation. Attempts to parley her recovery from alcohol into a revived career failed, and by the time she was 41 almost nothing was left. She lived alone in a studio apartment, no children, no lover, few friends. Neighbors informed police that she had not been seen for days, and on July 1 they entered through a 2nd floor window. Dental records had to be used to confirm her identity.
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