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Birth Date: May 10 1948
Birth Place: N/A

Have there ever been paler, more hypnoticeyes? Indeed, they've caused this stunning, athletic actress to be cast as a blind woman so often (most in episodic TV and made-fors) that it almost seemed like a gag when she turned up as a sighted person in Blind Fury (1989). When not cast in sightless parts, she's playing such nifty villainesses as a Moonie-like cultist in Ticket to Heaven (1981), Evil-Lyn in Masters of the Universe (1987), an alien fifth columnist in They Live (1988), and a two-faced corporate weasel in Leviathan (1989). She had more conventional roles in Carny (1980), The Osterman Weekend (1983), The Emerald Forest (1985), and Relentless (1989), and was unforgettable as a lesbian who falls in love with her gay male roommate in A Different Story (1978). Her TV work includes Guyana Tragedy "Washington: Behind Closed Doors," and the "Sunshine" movies and series. But her biggest shot at stardom was cruelly snatched away: after the first six episodes of "Cagney and Lacey," CBS insisted she be replaced by someone "more feminine"(!) Producer Barney Rosenzweig made partial restitution by giving her a recurring role as a D.A. in "The Trials of Rosie O'Neill" (1990-92). Other credits include The Stepfather II (1989) and Best of the Best 2 (1993).
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