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Birth Date: August 6 1976
Birth Place: N/A

Melissa Suzanne George was born on 6th August 1976 in Perth, Western Australia. She attended Warwick Senior High School, where she trained in modern dance, tap, jazz, classical ballet and roller-blading. From the age of 7 until she was 16 she skated at national and international level and represented Australia on many occasions. While in her teens she embarked upon a modeling career, which led to her being voted Western Australia's Teenage Model of the Year. When the popular TV soap Home & Away conducted a nationwide search for an actress to play the part of Angel Brooks, Melissa auditioned and, despite having no previous acting experience, got the part. This, however, meant leaving school and family behind and moving over 2,000 miles away to Sydney. Within months she had made a big impact in the show and when she left 3 years later she was one of Australia's most popular stars. After film roles in Fable and Dark City, and guest TV roles in Murder Call and Shaun Cassidy's Roar. Melissa stayed on in the US picking up parts such as Jenny in The Limey and a small role in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive. Later in the year she scored the role of Cleo in the cheerleader movie Sugar & Spice and went on to star in the James Hughes (son of John) film New Port South.
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