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Birth Date: January 24 1974
Birth Place: N/A

One of Australia's most prolific and enduring performers and all-round entertainer, Melissa Tkautz's career not only encompasses film and television acting, but also includes modelling as well as a triumphant singing career. In only 27 years, she has attracted the level of success that would take most others an entire lifetime to achieve. Born in 1974 in Sydney, Australia, Melissa began her career at the age of 3, featuring in over one hundred and sixty television commercials over five years, produced for both Australian and international companies which include Qantas and Cadbury. The Austrian/Maltese descended teenager made the natural progression to television drama, taking on roles in Richmond Hill and Home and Away as well as the acclaimed mini-series The Girl From Tomorrow. After graduating from the Academy of Dramatic and Social Arts in 1991, Melissa took on a starring role in E Street, becoming a household name overnight with her appealing performance as Nikki Spencer. Following her success on Australian TV, the performer surprised the nation by signing a record contract with Phantom Records. Her debut single 'Read My Lips' shot to number 1 on the charts and attained platinum sales in a matter of weeks. Her second hit single 'Sexy Is The Word' reached gold sales, and the artist was showered with accolades including ARIA awards for 'Most Popular New Talent' and 'Most Popular Music Video' whilst touring the country throughout 1992. By this time Melissa had become a national phenomenon, gracing the covers of virtually every newsstand magazine known including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, TV Week, Smash Hits, Dolly and TV Hits, in which she was voted the 'Hottest Woman on Earth'. Melissa returned to television screens in 1993 with a starring role in the series Paradise Beach and Echo Point and in 1996 portrayed Bethany, a model who comes to terms with HIV infection in the series Pacific Drive. In the same year, Melissa appeared in various magazines including the highly reputed photo journal Black and White, and featured on the cover of both Australian Playboy and the premiere issue of Ralph. She continued to appear in magazines such as Australian Swimsuit and FHM before taking on her first feature role in the motion picture 'Game Room' which was completed in 1998. In 1999, Melissa was flown to Barbados by FHM UK for a photo shoot, and in that same year featured in the Australian FHM calendar as well as performing covergirl duties for the second anniversary issue of Ralph. As well, Melissa graced North American television screens in a guest role for the hit US series Beastmaster. The celebrity's dazzling looks were in demand for the Myer Intimacy Apparel Parade in Melbourne as well as the Wella ADC Mercedes Australian Fashion Week both in 2001. And recently, Melissa went before the cameras for a guest role in the Channel Seven drama 'All Saints'. With so much already accomplished, Melissa Tkautz promises to excel in her established fields, and has proven time and again that she is nothing short of being equal to the task.
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