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Michael P. Northey graduated acting at Studio 58 in Vancouver in 1995. Since then he has acted in many theatre productions, including Mojo, for Western Theatre Conspiracy, The OverCoat, for The Vancouver Playhouse, and Problem Child, for Greenthumb Theatre. All which won multiple Jessie awards. Other notable theatre credits are: The Odd Couple, at The Arts Club, Basically Good Kids (Best Ensemble Jessie 1997), and Samaritan (Best Ensemble Jessie 2001), for Solo Collective. Michael has written many stage productions, which include Reservations For Two, produced by Chiarelli Productions; Stuck!, and This Fringe Venue Is Now Being Held Hostage, produced by his Young Offenders Productions. Currently, has three completed stage plays. Offspring, Holiday In A House, and Girlz On Film. Television credits include recurring roles on Showtime's Jeremiah and the NBC series Just Deal. Other credits include The Chris Isaak Show, Door To Door, hn Doe, Dead Zone, Cold Squad, Special Unit 2, The Sausage Factory, The Outer Limits, Beyond Belief, Freedom, DaVincis Inquest, So Weird, Strange World, Dead Mans Gun, The Net, and The Sentinel. Features include Killer Bees, Try Seventeen, Santa Clause 2, Hostage Negotiator, I'll Be Home For Christmas, Double Edged, and Storm Chaser. Vancouver Independent features include: The Delicate Art Of Parking, See Grace Fly, On The Corner, The Overcoat, and Day Drift.
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