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Michael Vartan

Birth Date: November 27 1968
Birth Place: N/A

Michael Vartan was born on 27th November 1968 in France, the only child of a French father and an American mother. He spent his childhood shuttling between France (where his father, a musician lived) and the U.S (where his mother lived). At the age of eighteen, after deciding against joining the French military service, Michael shifted to the States. He enrolled in an acting school after being told by many people that he had the potential for it. He made his acting debut in the French film Un homme et deux femmes and followed that with another French film called Promenades d'été. It was with the Italian film Fiorile, in which he played a French soldier that he made his international debut. He considers The Pallbearer, in which he starred with David Schwimmer and Gwyneth Paltrow to be his first big American movie. He gave an impressive performance in The Myth of Fingerprints as Jake. Michael's true mettle as an actor was seen when he played a character that he has described as being most unlike him. The role was that of the English Lit teacher-cum-Prince Charming Sam Coulson in the 1999 hit Never Been Kissed and it catapulted Michael to never experienced popularity and adulation. He followed his much talked about NBK performance with similar good ones in The Next Best Thing and It Had to Be You. Meanwhile, he joined stellar company by being one among the biggest names in Hollywood to feature on shows like Ally McBeal and Friends. He also played the role of the legendary Lancelot in the serialized version of Marion Zimmer Bradley's novel The Mists of Avalon. In 2001, he became a regular feature on TV playing CIA agent Michael Vaughn in the series Alias. Still playing the character, he has described it as being more close to home than his previous roles. He continues rendering impressive performances in films, his latest being One Hour Photo.
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