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Michelle Johnson has added another chapter to the book of classic Hollywood discoveries. At seventeen, only two months out of high school in Phoenix, Arizona, she was signed by director Stanley Donen for a starring role with Michael Caine in the Sherwood Productions comedy _Blame It on Rio (1984)_ (qv). A tall, slender American beauty, Johnson finished school one term early and was preparing to move to New York to start her modelling career when Donen spotted a small photo of her in W, the fashion publication. Johnson was only one of many young girls considered for the choice role of Jennifer, Joseph Bologna's teenage daughter who falls in love with his best friend (Michael Caine) during a mad holiday in Rio. Donen shot a screen test with the young novice, and in no time at all she was before the cameras in Rio along with Caine, Joseph Bologna and Valerie Harper. The chain of events came as a welcome surprise to Johnson. "Ever since I was twelve, I had hoped that I would be 'discovered'.' I concentrated on its happening when I was nineteen, but it happened two years earlier." Johnson's stepfather is a psychologist and her mother is a homemaker. Her parents were understandably concerned about the rapid turn of events. "They were nervous about the people in the film industry, but they know I'm a strong person and can deal with a lot. Then they met Stanley Donen, Michael Caine and Joe Bologna, and they knew I was in good hands." Johnson's mother accompanied her to Rio and stayed for several weeks at the start of filming. Caine and Bologna, along with the director Donen, helped Johnson through the early, difficult days. "Michael gave me little hints, like never, never to blink during a closeup, things that a beginner would never know. It was great to be surrounded by such professionals." Johnson is now studying acting, singing and dancing in preparation of future film roles. She has several screen idols, (Jane Fonda, Meryl Streep) and admits a fascination with Marilyn Monroe. "It's not that I admire her lifestyle; it's more what she stood for -- for being new and different and doing the unexpected." As for the future, Johnson will be living in Los Angeles and working on both coasts: "I've always had firm goals. If I really want something and it's right for me, then I go for it."
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