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Birth Date: June 13 1974
Birth Place: N/A

Missy Crider was born in Columbia, South Carolina and raised in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. She was interested in every play, musical and dance class the little artistic town had to offer. Her first love was singing and playing the violin. She first gained recognition as a country music stage show singer when she was awarded Young Entertainer Of The Year by the OMA Music Awards Association in Branson, Missouri. Missy has gone on to demonstrate an immense range and depth as an actor. Her early Hollywood credits were accomplished between the ages of thirteen and eighteen. Adding to her already impressive schedule, Missy spent seven years working on the stage in musical theater locally. She didn't make a permanent move to Los Angeles until the fall of 1992, after having already filmed six movies and miniseries for television, including the award-winning original Lonesome Dove with Tommy Lee Jones, Robert Duvall, Angelica Huston, and Diane Lane. She celebrated her graduation from high school with a starring role opposite Ossie Davis and Morris Chestnut in NBC's The Ernest Green Story; which documented Little Rock, Arkansas' integration strife in the 1950's. After moving to Los Angeles, the next two years saw extraordinary work from this One month after her L.A. arrival, director Glenn Jordan cast her opposite James Woods and Anne Archer in the esteemed Hallmark Hall Of Fame's Jane's House. She then played the beleaguered daughter of Lesley Ann Warren in ABC's A Mother's Revenge opposite Shirley Knight and Bruce Davison, and soon after director John McNaughton cast her as an aspiring singer who lands a record deal in Showtime’s campy remake classic Girls In Prison which co-starred Anne Heche and Ione Skye. She capped off the year with a 1994 Emmy Nomination for her leading role opposite Tom Everett Scott in the ABC drama about fear of sex in the 90s Love In The Dark Ages.
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