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Birth Date: November 29 1953
Birth Place: N/A

Some say Moshe Ivgy is the best Israeli actor since Shaeyke Offir. Since finishing acting school, he made several films until his break in "Under the Nose" ("Mitahat La'af), when he played a tough young criminal. Moshe kept doing movies, with a couple of great performances, for example: "Dreams of Innocence" ("Sipur Shematchil Belevaya Shel Nachash"), and "the Revenge of Itzik Finkelstein" ("Nikmato Shel Itzik Finkelstein")that gave him an Academy nomination. His big break that made him one of the best actors in Israeli cinema was his heartbreaking, brilliant performance in "Lovesick on Nana Street" ("Hole ahava beshicun gimel"), where he played Victor, one of the most interesting, complicated chracters in Israeli cinema history, a performance that gave him an Israeli Academy award. Moshe's career was in high speed, and he kept giving great performances, and got another Academy Award nomination playing Shalom Shalom in "The investigation must go on" ("Haboleshet hokeret"). Recently, Ivgi started to work even more passionetely, when he gave two great performances in 2004: Yossi in "campfire" (Medurat Hashevet), and Siso in "Metalic Blues", the first gave him an Academy nomination, and the second he won, making him one of the very few actors who own two Academy awards.
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