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Birth Date: June 24 1950
Birth Place: N/A

Born on June 24th of 1950, Nancy was the daughter of a Sergeant from Yonkers, New York. At a young age she trained for a dancing career at the High School of Performing Arts, and then attended Jose Quintano's School for Young Professionals. In dozens of TV commercials from the age of 15, Nancy made her first film appearance in 1962, at the age of 12 in a movie named A Hand in my Pocket. Later she appeared in 1973 in the movie The Last Detail with Jack Nicholson. Three years later, she appeared in Stephen King´s Carrie, taken to the big screen by Director Brian De Palma. Nancy Allen then married De Palma. She next appeared in Steven Spielberg's I Want to Hold Your Hand (1976); for the next few years she appeared only in De Palma's films: Home Movies (1979), Dressed to Kill (1980), and she starred with John Travolta in Blow-Out (1981). After her divorce from De Palma in 1984, Nancy's film opportunities were supposedly narrowed, but then she surprised the whole world in 1987 when she performed as Officer Anne Lewis in the Sci-Fi cult film RoboCop, along with Peter Weller. After the success of RoboCop, she performed as Patricia Gardner in the second sequel in the saga of Poltergeist. She came back in RoboCop2 1990 and in order to get more involved with the character Nancy Allen learned martial arts and police training for real. She returned again in RoboCop3 in 1993. In 1993, Nancy Allen joined several other veteran stars in Acting on Impulse. She has appeared in some diverse films: Dusting Cliff 7 (1997) Secret of the Andes (1998), Circuit (2001), and she had a guest appearance in Steven Soderbergh's Out of Sight in 1998. Her last performance was for the TV show Law & Order Special Victims Unit.
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