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Neriah Davis

Birth Date: October 12 1972
Birth Place: N/A

On October 12, 1972 Neriah Davis was born in Southern California to two fun loving "hippie" parents from the 60's. Raised in a simple lifestyle in Northern California until the age of 18, Neriah did not have a TV in the town of 300 where she grew up. A simple farming life with no electricity was the way of Neriah's youth until she left for LA once she turned 18 years old. After arriving in LA, Neriah moved quickly into the modeling and acting scene. She shot Bikini Carwash while turning 19, and then started right into modeling swimsuit and some work with Playboy Book of Lingerie. Neriah was discovered by Playboy Magazine at the age of 20 and was busy shooting her centerfold on her 21st birthday. After a wild ride as a playmate, Neriah decided she needed a break from the fast paced LA life, so she moved back to the country for two years. The country was needed rest but eventually Neriah got the modeling/acting bug and had to move back to LA. And boy did things take off when she came back... Almost instantaneously Neriah was smothered with requests from top name companies such as Fredericks of Hollywood, Shirleys of Hollywood, and practically ever other lingerie catalog in LA. Soon to follow were national commercials for the likes of Miller, Nintendo, JC Penney's, and national print ads for Camel Cigarettes, Wellbody Skincare, BodyGlove, and Inside Sports. Neriah had the opportunity to travel to such exotic and rare places as Hong Kong, Acapulco, France, London, and all over the states for the Playboy agency.
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