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Birth Date: December 10 1961
Birth Place: N/A

Nia Peeples had her first opportunity to showcase her singing, songwriting, choreographing and acting talents in the television series Fame. Among her additional television credits are the mini-series Return to Lonesome Dove, the movies My Name is Kate, Poodle Springs and XXX's and OOO's and the series Nasty Boys, Crisis Center, Real Life, and Courthouse. Peeples' feature film credits include North Shore, Deep Star Six, I Don't Buy Kisses, Blues Brother 2000, and the upcoming Dead Simple. She recently made her directorial debut with the short film Treading Water, which she also produced and co-wrote. As a recording artist, Peeples has achieved two Top 10 pop and club hits, a number-one dance hit and numerous Billboard and Cashbox awards, including Best New Vocalist, Best New Single and Best Video Choreography. Her music has been featured in such films as License to Kill and The Cutting Edge, as well as the television series Melrose Place. Peeples resides in her native Los Angeles with her husband, son and new baby daughter. Her birth date is December 10.
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