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Birth Date: May 11 1970
Birth Place: N/A

Nicky Katt has been acting since the age of 7 when he appeared on the tv series "CHiPS" in 1977. He continued to work steadily through the 1980s on shows like "Quincy" and "Father Murphy" but did not fall into the trap of many child actors that become identified with one famous role (because his child roles were as guest spots, or, as in the case of "Herbie: the Love Bug", were cancelled early on) or can't get work as adults and allow their lives to fall to pieces. In a way Katt has had two careers. The one as the child actor of the late seventies and early eighties and as the character actor of the 1990s who so often plays the bully or thug. Extremely talented and at ease in front of a camera in the medium of either television or feature film, Katt has a very impressive body of work for someone of his age and looks to gain much in the way of future stardom as his series "Boston Public" clearly exhibits his leading man potential.
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