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Pamela Tiffin came upon movie audiences early in the 60's and was gone from American screens by the end of the decade. A real puzzlement for someone described by legendary director Billy Wilder as having great comedic timing. Wilder also felt Tiffin may have been too typecast and not appreciated due to her unquestioned beauty. Her outsatnding roles include _Pleasure Seekers, The (1964)_ (qv), where she co-starred with Ann-Margaret and Carol Lynley, _Lively Set, The (1964)_ (qv), with James Darren, and her best role as Margie Frake in the movie adaptation of _State Fair (1962)_ (qv). In it she played a virtuous farm girl from Texas who falls in love with the big city TV shark played by Bobby Darin. Also in the movie are Pat Boone, Ann-Margaret, Tom Ewell, and Alice Faye.
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