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Birth Date: September 27 1968
Birth Place: N/A

Patrick was born and grew up in the Los Angeles waterfront town of San Pedro, California to parents of Croation and Irish descent. In College he found himself playing football for the U.S.C. Trojans. About this time he was approached by Calvin Klein and accepted the offer to strike a few poses in their jean campaigns. Modeling is not something that goes over too well in waterfront towns like San Pedro or college football teams so he hid the adventure from everyone until, of course, the adds came out. Pat left the team and after some time decided modeling really wasn't his thing either. Wondering what to do with his life his girlfriend suggested acting, and after his first day in his new acting class he knew he found what he wanted the rest of his life to be about. Early in his career he received guest-starring roles on "Who's the Boss" with Tony Danza and "Silk Stalkings" with Rob Estes. Some time after he tested for "Days of our Lives" and won the role of "Austen Reed", a boxer/ musician. Patrick won the Soap Opera Digest award for best new actor and spent the next three years at NBC. Toward the end of his contract he opted not to stay in daytime. Being one of the most visible faces from the "soapies" he caught the attention of CAA and Spelling ent. which led to a season on Melrose Place. His next big break was landing the part of Zander Barkalow in Paul Verhoven's " Starship Troopers". Since then Pat's done a host of independent films including the Sundance contestant 'Wicked" with Julia Styles and Frank Darabont's " Black Cat Run".
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