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Screen legend, super star, and the man with the most famous blue eyes in movie history, Paul Newman was born in 1925 in Cleveland, Ohio, the son of a successful sporting goods store owner. He acted in grade school and high school plays and after being disharged from the navy in 1946 he enrolled at Kenyon College. After graduation he spent a year at the Yale Drama School and then headed to New York where he attended the famed New York Actors Studio. Classically handsome and with a super abundance of sex appeal, television parts came easily to Paul and after his first broadway appearance in Picnic (1953) he was offered a film contract by Warner Brothers. His first film _Silver Chalice, The (1954)_ (qv) was nearly his last. He considered his performance in this costume epic to be so bad that he took out a full page ad in a trade paper apologizing for it to movie goers. He fared much better in his next effort, _Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956)_ (qv) in which he portrayed boxer Rocky Graziano and drew raves from the critics for his briliant performance. He went on to become one of the top box office draws of the 1960s starring in such superior films as _Hustler, The (1961)_ (qv); 0057426; _Hud (1963)_ (qv); 0061512; and _Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)_ (qv). He also produced and directed many quality films including _Rachel, Rachel (1968)_ (qv) in which he directed wife 'Joanne Woodward' (qv) and which received an Oscar nomination for best picture. Nominated 9 times in his career for a best actor Oscar, Paul won the coveted honor for his performance as an aging pool shark in _Color of Money, The (1986)_ (qv). Though well into his 70s as the century draws to a close, Paul Newman still commands lead roles in films such as _Message in a Bottle (1999)_ (qv). He lives with his wife, actress Joanne Woodward in Westport, Ct. A caring and supremely generous man, he is the founder of "Newman's Own" a successful line of food products that has earned in excess of $100 million, every penny of which the philanthropic movie icon has donated to charity. Renowned for his sense of humor, in 1998 he quipped that he was a little embarrassed to see his salad dressing grossing more than his movies.
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