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Birth Date: June 20 1968
Birth Place: N/A

Peter Paige recently completed the upcoming SHOWTIME original film "Our America" opposite Josh Charles and Vanessa Williams in the story of a NPR DJ who changes the lives of two misdirected inner-city youths. During his summer hiatus Paige also returned to the stage in the world premiere of Jessica Litwak's "Secret Agents." Paige discovered his passion for acting at the tender age of six when he played the scarecrow in his first grade production of "The Wizard Of Oz." In addition to acting, the young Paige was also ardent about writing and directing. In fourth grade he wrote directed and starred in his very first original play: "Grease: The College Years," a clever spin-off of the popular film, "Grease." Paige continued to pursue acting, writing, and directing throughout his middle and high-school career, performing in school and community plays. Paige received a full scholarship to Boston University's prestigious School of Theatre Arts where he truly developed his acting talents. Upon graduation, Paige moved to New York and associated himself with a group of young playwrights, directors, and actors at Playwrights Horizons, a theatre where he workshopped dozens of new plays. He toured the country performing Moliere's "Tartuffe" (in English and in French) and began to perform at major regional theaters. Paige eventually relocated to Portland, Oregon, where he worked for two years on the city's equity stages performing everything from the classics such as "A Midsummer Night's Dream" to edgy, contentious works by promising young playwrights. Among Paige's television credits are roles in "Suddenly Susan "Caroline in the City, MTV's "Undressed," "Time of Your Life," "Movie Stars," and "Will & Grace." Paige also continued to generate his own work, collaborating on several original projects such as "Twisted" and "Pantophobia," performed at theatres around Los Angeles.
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