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How many actors can say they worked for John Ford, Russ Meyer, and Jonathan Demme in the course of a long and varied career? This granitejawed, stolid second lead played Raymond Chandler's famous detective Philip Marlowe on early TV, for which he deserves some measure of fame, but he also brought a rare sense of humor to action roles he essayed on the big screen. Carey broke into movies in 1951, and kept busy for the next 25 years in such films as Operation Pacific (1951), Springfield Rifle (1952), Calamity Jane, Gun Fury (both 1953), Pushover (1954), Mister Roberts, The Long Gray Line (both 1955), Wicked as They Come (1957), The Screaming Mimi (1958, opposite Anita Ekberg in a rare lead), Tonka (1958), Dead Ringer, The Time Travelers (both 1964), The Great Sioux Massacre (1965, as Custer), Once You Kiss a Stranger (1969), The Seven Minutes (1971), and Fighting Mad (1976). In addition to the "Philip Marlowe" series, Carey also starred on TV in "Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers" (1956-57) and narrated "Untamed World" (1968-75), but he is best known as the long-suffering Captain Parmalee on the comic Western "Laredo" (1965-67), episodes of which were edited into two theatrical features, Three Guns for Texas (1968) and Backtrack (1969). Also the stone-faced spokesman for Granny Goose Potato Chips in a long-running series of commercials, Carey has achieved latter-day success as Asa BuChanan, the slick Simon Legree of the daytime soap opera "One Life to Live" (since 1979).
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