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Prince Andrew

Birth Date: February 19 1960
Birth Place: N/A

Prince Andrew is the third child of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. He was born on February 19, 1960 at Buckingham Palace and was named Andrew Albert Christian Edward. He was educated at the Palace until 8 and then he attended Heatherdown Prepatory School. At 13 he went to Gordonstouns in Scotland. After that he took the 'A' levels but was not smart enough to go to college. Instead he entered the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth in 1979. After his stint there he began to train with the Royal Airforce and learned to fly. He received his wings in 1981 and won the award for best pilot. Six months later went into active service in the Falkland Islands. He flew missions there and participated in casualty evacuations. In 1984 he was promoted to Lieutenant by the Queen. Andrew married Sarah Ferguson on July 23, 1986 at Westminster Abbey. The couple have two daughters, Beatrice, born on August 8, 1988 and Eugenie, born on August 8, 1990. The marriage did not work out and the couple separated in 1992 and formal divorced in 1996. Some feel that this is due to the Queen's dislike of Sarah and not because they fell out of love. Andrew was created Duke of York in 1986 and Sarah is still known as the Duchess of York. He continues to play in active role in the army and right now he is a Commander, working with the Diplomacy Section of the Naval Staff. The Duke also participates in Royal functions and helps to raise his daughters with Sarah.
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