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Prince Charles

Birth Date: November 14 1948
Birth Place: N/A

Prince Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten was born on November 14, 1948, almost exactly a year after his parents' marriage. His mother is Princess Elizabeth, who later became Queen Elizabeth III and his father is Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. His sister Anne was born in 1950 and later, in the 60s, came the births of Andrew and Edward. Charles was educated at home in Buckingham palace and then went to several different schools, one of them Goringson, which his father went to. He and his father had many arguments and reportedly after one of them he said "You can't talk to the future King of England like that." He graduated college in 1968, the only heir to the British throne to do so. Later that year he was formally invested as Prince of Wales. He dated many women, two of whom are Camilla Shand, or Camilla Parker-Bowles, and Sarah Spencer, the sister of his future wife. He and Diana met in 1977 at a hunt at her father's estate. In 1981 they fell in love and later got married. On June 21, 1982 they had William Arthur Philip Louis and on September 15, 1984 they had Henry.
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