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Rick Springfield

Birth Date: August 23 1949
Birth Place: N/A

Rick Springfield was born the son of a Lt. Colonel in the British Army and spent his childhood on various army bases in Australia and Britain. As a teenager he fronted many music bands-such as the "Jordy Boys", "Wakedy Wak" and "Zoot". The latter was his most successful paving his way for his future success as a musician. However, that success was still a long time coming. While he waited for that big break he signed a contract with Universal television which cast him in bit parts in shows such as the "Six Million Dollar Man" and "Rockford Files". As well he also had a recurring role on the soap "The Young and the Restless". In the early 1980's his luck changed as he signed to RCA Records and was then cast as Dr. Noah Drake on the soap "General Hospital". His first album "Working Class Dog" gave him the #1 single "Jesse's Girl". From the music and TV exposure he became a teen idol. He ruled the airwaves for a couple of years, ended his stint on "General Hospital", and attempted a a motion picture career, which fizzled. Albeit some small parts on television in the last five years, he has all but disappeared from the public eye. 6' 2" Started in a 'quasi' heavy metal band in Australia called Zoot. Came to US early 70's and recorded an album - Beginnings. It had one "major" hit - Speak to The Sky. After that came "Comic Book Heroes" which was marginally successful. Then he learned to speak English without an accent to further his acting career after he lost his record label. Did bit parts in Wonder Woman and a few other 70's shows before landing the role as Dr. Noah Drake in 1980. Shortly after landing the role, his single "Jessie's Girl" became a #1 record in the USA. He continued to star on GH while touring and releasing "Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet" with the hit "Don't Talk To Strangers". Upon releasing 3rd album with RCA-"Living In Oz" he quit GH and went back to his rock roots. "Living In Oz" is considered by many his finest (and hardest rock) album. He starred in the movie "Hard To Hold" in 1984 and released the soundtrack to it with the hit "Love Somebody", followed by "Don't Walk Away" and "Bop Til Ya Drop". His next album "Tao" started his slow descent from rock star to "who?". It was followed up in 1988 by "Rock Of Life" which was his 'moodiest' and least recognized album (by the public). Rick had a son Liam who played keyboards and sang in the intro to one of the tracks on ROL (Mind you, Liam was only 3-4 yrs old). That album stands as his last musical accomplishment to date, although he did go on to star in the ill-fated tv series "Human Target". At this point it can only be assumed he is living a content happy family life somewhere in So. Calif with his wife and child(ren?)
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