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Birth Date: May 1 1970
Birth Place: N/A

Salvador Del Solar born on May 1st, 1970 in Lima, Peru. His parents divorced when he was a boy. As a enthusiastic sportman Salvador was a member of the Peruvian waterpolo team since he was 14 until 21 years old and also he worked as a swimming teacher. In 1988 Salvador started his studies at PUCP (Universidad Católica Del Perú) and majored in Law.Salvador auditioned for a drama course managed by Alberto Isola (one of the most prestigious Peruvian actors) and he was accepted there. Salvador worked in some plays, then, his TV break came with a leading role in the soap opera 'Lluvia de Arena'. Next, female fans and critics acclaimed his character as Lalo Dupont in _"Escándalo (1997)_ , a soap opera starring Christian Meier and Lorena Meritano. His next leading role was in 'Apocalipsis'. In 1999 he cast in the Francisco Lombardi's blockbuster _Pantaleon y las Visitadoras (1999)_ . His performance got awards as best actor in a leading role in Gramado Film Festival 2000 (in Brazil), Cartagena Film Festival (in Colombia), and Troia Film Festival (in Portugal. He also manages his own theater production company:'Se Va El Tren Producciones'. His first work as a producer was Calderon de la Barca's 'gran Teatro del Mundo, El', in which he also starred as 'the King'.
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