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Birth Date: December 13 1976
Birth Place: N/A

Shenita Moore was born in Homestead AFB, Florida, USA . It is in Albuquerque that Shenita began her acting career. She worked in stage productions, including Bye Bye Birdie, A Christmas Carol, and Romeo & Juliet until her departure to New York and the prestigious New York University Tisch School of the Arts. After a return to the Southwest, to work towards a degree in Theatre from the University of New Mexico, it was time that Shenita make her journey to California. Upon her arrival, she submersed herself in the local theater scene and acted in student, independent and short films. It was her work in the 1999 BabyCal commercial that gave Shenita's acting talent to a larger audience. While being a 30 second spot, the performance was demanding, very touching, and came with an immediate response. It proved to be the California Prenatal Program's most effective outreach. The spot rolled into radio where Shenita's voice-over talents were discovered, and the campaign aired for over three years. With a growing recognition, her commercial (on-camera and voice-over), film and television work increased.
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