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Birth Date: October 8 1949
Birth Place: N/A

Sigourney Weaver was born as Susan Alexandra Weaver in New York New York. In 1963, Susan changed her name to 'Sigourney', after a character called 'Sigourney Howard', in Fitzgerald's 'The Great Gatsby'. Her own birthname, Susan, was in honour of her mother's best friend name, explorer Susan Pretzlik. Sigourney had already starred in a school drama production, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. In 1965, she worked during summer with a stock troupe, being cast in the plays 'A Streetcar Named Desire' and 'You Can't Take It With You', though she didn't star in the latter, because she was taller than the lead actor! After graduating from school in 1967, she spent some months in a kibbutz at Israel. In 1969, Sigourney became a student of English Literature in Stanford University. She also participated in school plays, especially Japanese Noh plays. After completing her studies in 1971, she applied for Yale School of Drama. In 1973, she met a team of brilliant playwrights and actors and began hanging around with them. She befriended Christopher Durang, but also Kate McGregor-Stewart and Albert Innaurato. On 1974 she starred in various plays, including Aristophanes' 'Frogs' and Durang's 'The Nature and Purpose of the Universe' and 'Daryl and Carol and Kenny and Jenny', as Jenny. After finishing her studies that very year, she started chasing roles, but her height kept being a hindrance. However, she continued working on stage with Durang, as in 'Titanic'(1975) and Innaurato, and in 'Gemini' (1976). Other 70s stage works of hers include 'Marco Polo Sing a Song', 'The Animal Kingdom', 'A Flea in Her Ear’,’ The Constant Husband’,’ The Conquering Event' and others. But the one that probably took her off was 'Das Lusitania Songspiel', a play she co-wrote with Durang and in which she starred for two seasons, from 1979 to 1981. She was also up for a Drama Desk Award for it. During the mid-seventies, she appeared in several TV spots and even starred as Avis Ryan in 1976 soap opera _"Madman" (1978)_ . In 1977, she was cast in the role Shelley Duvall finally played in Annie Hall, after rejecting the part due to prior stage commitments. But in the end, Woody Allen still offered her a six-seconds part. Then followed Madman and of course, Alien. The role of the tough, uncompromising Ripley made her an overnight star and even brought her a British Award Nomination. Later, she played in Eyewitness and The Year of Living Dangerously. The latter was a great Australian success that even won an Oscar and brought Sigourney and co-star Mel Gibson to Cannes '83. The same year, Weaver delivered an honorary EMMY award to her father, a few months before her uncle, actor Doodles Weaver, committed suicide. That year's fall, Sigourney started having a romance with Jim Simpson. Sigourney had broken up two years before with James M. McClure and needed someone close to her. In the end, they got married on 1 October 1984. Sigourney had meanwhile, played in Deal of the Century and the great hit Ghostbusters (1984) . She was also nominated for a Tony Award for her tour de force in theatrical 'Hurly Burly'. Then followed _Une Femme ou deux (1985) , Half Moon Street (1986)and Aliens. The latter was a massive success, with her being nominated for both a Golden Globe and an Oscar. She was also named 'Star of the Year'. Sigourney entered her most productive career and literally took off after snatching Academy Award nominations, in both Leading and Supporting Actress category, for her intense portrayal of Dian Fossey in The Adventure of Dian Fossey and for her bitchy performance in Working Girl (1988). She ended up losing in both, but was compensated by winning both Golden Globes. After posing as herself in a documentary about Helmut Newton, entitled Frames from the Edge and appearing in Ghostbusters II, she discovered she was pregnant and retired from public life for a while. She gave birth to Charlotte Simpson, on 13 April 1990. Sigourney Weaver returned to movies as a now skinhead Ripley in _Alien3 (1992)_ and a gorgeous Queen Isabel in 1492: Conquest of Paradise, her second work with director Ridley Scott, after the original famed Alien movie. She rolled on to comedy Dave, alongside Kevin Kline, and a Roman Polanski thriller, Death and the Maiden. In 1995, she could be seen in Jeffrey and Copycat. In 1996 she starred in 'Sex and Longing', yet another Durang play. Sigourney hadn't acted in theater for ages before that play, as she had abandoned it after a successful run in the 80s, with the plays 'As You Like It' (1981), 'Beyond Therapy' (1981), 'The Marriage of 'Bette and Boo' (1985) and 'The Merchant of Venice' (1986). In 1997, she was the protagonist in Grimm’s Snow White: A Tale of Terror, The Ice Storm and _Alien Resurrection (1997)_ . Her performance in The Ice Storm achieved a BAFTA prize and another Golden Globe nod. She also offered excellent performances in A Map of the World and the sci-fi spoof Galaxy Quest. Her next comedy, Company Man, wasn't equally welcomed, however. Sigourney played a sexy con in Heartbreakers and had a voice role in Big Bad Love.
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