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Birth Date: December 25 1949
Birth Place: N/A

As a kid, Sissy climbed trees, rode horses, swam, and played in the woods, (other than that, she gave no indication of one day becoming an Oscar-winning actress). She was born Mary Elizabeth Spacek on December 25, 1949 in Quitman, Texas. Sissy attended Quitman High School; she was homecoming queen (therefore popular, unlike her portrayal in "Carrie" later). After graduating, Sissy pursued an acting career. Sissy had a cousin in show business, Rip Torn. She relocated to New York, and through him, she enrolled in the N.Y. Actors Studio. Sissy studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. Sissy also tried modeling and singing, appearing in West Village showcases such as the Bitter End for $10 a night. The petite (5'2") Sissy broke into movies; one of Sissy's first films was "Badlands" (1973), art direction by Jack Fisk. Onscreen, Sissy and Jack Fisk would do 8 collaborations (Sissy acting, Jack doing film or art direction) together-- offscreen, one can consider marriage a lifetime collaboration, they wed in 1974. Sissy's breakout role was in their joint-venture movie "Carrie" (1976), in which she played the humiliated prom queen who goes postal with her telekinesis. Sissy had a long career in TV and movies, even winning the Oscar for Best Actress for "Coal Miner's Daughter" (1980); she seems to take it all in stride. Sissy and Jack and their 2 daughters, Schuyler and Madison, live on their large horse ranch in the foothills of Virginia. For the last several years, the most important thing for Sissy has just been creating a stable home life for her family. And when Sissy isn't working on a movie, she can be seen tooling around town in a pickup, being a mountain mom.
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