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Born in Barranquilla (Colombia) on July 10, 1972. As a child she was quiet and very studious; she loved everything having to do with music, as her whole family sings, dances and plays a musical instrument. She went to Marymount, a private bilingual elementary school, which is why she speaks English. Sofia was discovered by a well-known photographer when she was walking along the beach of her native Colombia. Her first appearance was in a Pepsi commercial that was seen all over Colombia. That was when, at the age of 20, she moved to Bogotá to begin a series of jobs (both on the runway and television) that launched her career. In 1995, Sofia received an offer to co-host the 'Fuera de Serie' ('Out of This World') program with Fernando Fiore. It was a tremendously successful program on Univision that remained on the air for four years, making Sofia the favorite of the Latin market in the United States. Thanks of her television program hosting, Sofia has demonstrated that she is not just another pretty face; she is also an intelligent woman with principles, values and a sense of humor, but, most of all, a lover of everything she undertakes in life.
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